Technology sector trends and innovation solutions in 2022 and Group companies have the opportunity to implement the most successful international projects of more than 20 subsidiaries of Software IT, Education, Technology and International Products Trade and Industry in Mongolia. The stock gives you a great opportunity to buy and cooperate with flexible terms. Your investment will generate high returns and 100% satisfaction.

Cooperation opportunities

  • Distribution, Franchise, Merchandise
  • Reseller, Wholesaler, Trade
  • Project investment
  • Open stock and share ownership
  • Flexible cooperation
  • OEM & ODM manufacturing
  • Company System Management /ERP Software system/
  • Sponsorship
  • Consortium Partnership
  • Multilateral Cooperation
  • Cryptocurrency market and investment
  • Opportunity to be listed on international stock exchanges
  • CryptoCurrency strategy investment and high return
  • Receive special opportunities and discounts through EA Coin

Investment Forum’s activities

  • Global IT & technology business trends information
  • Introduction of a new best technology project
  • International trade projects
  • Introduction of the global competitive electronics brand
  • Introduction of Software & Development
  • Introduction of the Blockchain & Crypto coin
  • Introduction 3D Animation & Media
  • Coffee break and stand-up meeting
  • Discounted purchases of new and best products
  • Business vip meeting with Investors

Features of participating in the forum

  • Pioneer in the small-scale electronics industry
  • Opportunity to invest in new generation technology
  • Opportunity to implement international projects
  • International trade
  • Flexible partnerships
  • Opportunity to collaborate
  • 30%-40% high return on investment and profitability
  • Competitive low price , high quality products that meet international standards
  • Software system projects based on Blockchain technology
  • Trustworthy partnership and long-term cooperation

Introduction of branch companies


Mobile & Mobile Accessories Electronics Brand

Today, is an official subsidiary in Guangzhou, China and Wyoming, USA. The main activities are to produce small-scale electrical goods, create brands, and sell small-scale electrical goods on the international stage. At the same time, we have a vision to manage financial and investment institutions to a certain extent, to expand the activities of our subsidiaries, and to expand our operations to a number of other sectors. On September 19, 2019 our first fully equipped assembly plant was established with 140 different industrial grade machinery with almost 600 specialized factory workers and currently produces up to 100 different products in the field of Electronics, including mobile goods and accessories alongside USB Cables, Earphone, Bluetooth Earphone, Adapter Chargers.

Features of

  • International standart operating system
  • High quality products
  • International certificated license
  • Trademark in 25 countries
  • Fully certified intellectual property
  • A comprehensive combination of the new projects

Features of Doogee:

  • 360 protection compared to normal smartphones
  • Intensive outdoor use and most hazardous environment has been tested in all conditions
  • More improved developed software system and longtime battery life
  • Modern elegant design
  • Cheapest price


World Leading Rugged Phone Brand

Doogee controlled every process strictly from product design to production. In order to offer the perfect experience to every user, especially on the quality, all of the products of DOOGEE must be going through the process of high standard testing and high-tech quality inspection. Smart IDBM Group sells a total of 8 types of Doogee brand smartphones and smart watches to meet the needs of consumers and provides 2-5% of smartphone users in the market.Doogee phones are capable of operating normally at +70 -50 degrees Celsius and are the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, IP68 / 69K water and dust and vibration protection, and have the longest battery life on the market. In the future, we aim to implement policies and activities aimed at increasing the range and quantity of products to be delivered to consumers, expanding the number of customer service centers, and increasing customer satisfaction.


World most powerful smartphone brand

It is the world's fastest software system and a high-end mobile phone brand . Red Magic 6S Pro will be powered by the Snapdragon 888+. Speaking of the Red Magic 6 Pro, it was named the Best Gaming Phone in China Mobile’s 2021 Smart Hardware Quality Report. The carrier’s report names the cooling fan as the reason it picked this phone, it keeps the chipset temperature stable and enables steady performance. In case the first teaser image wasn’t clear enough, nubia posted another one, which leaves no doubt that the Red Magic 6S Pro will be powered by the Snapdragon 888+ chipset. The new chip has an overclocked prime CPU core and a 20% faster AI Engine. In the 6S Pro it will enjoy active cooling, just like on the original model. And it will need every ounce of performance to make the best out of the 165 Hz screen

Features of Redmagic:

  • Lightweight , most fast software system
  • 4 angel protection
  • Touch speed 8.3mi/s , 450ghz frequency
  • Best 165hz gaming screen
  • Rapid charging speed and longtime battery life
  • Cheapest price

Features of Gamesir:

  • Cheap quality consumption
  • Produces many different gamer products at once
  • The design is timely and never outdated
  • Long-lasting


World famous game utilities brand

RedMagic is one of the most well-known brands of video game equipment. The brand's products are the most popular among children and young people and have a positive effect on their participation in E-sports. We will continue to focus on expanding our product range and sales channels, and working to help young people develop video games as a hobby. GameSir alone can generate 40-50 million sales per month in the market and earn 600 million a year.

Ehlel Academy LLC

Advanced IT Training Academy

The Startup Academy of Information Technology is a leading training center in the field of information technology that has been operating steadily since 2013.The most popular and important professions today are Programmer, Graphic and Interior Designer, and Network Administrator. It has a total of 65 training laboratories and about 1,900 training facilities.

Features of the Start Academy:

In line with market demand and the country's development prospects, we will train a wide range of knowledgeable and market-oriented personnel who are creative, possess the knowledge necessary to evaluate and analyze new advances in information and communication.

By providing a comprehensive systematic knowledge, it will train self-developed personnel in the field of Software and Graphic Design, fluent in Programming Language, innovative web development and design ideas, and its results will be recognized nationally and globally.

Information Technology Processes and Factors Researchers will be able to model the interrelationships between programs, find solutions to economic and problems, find all kinds of solutions, and use them globally.

Features of DERE brand:

  • We have a choice of different parameters to suit our needs
  • Innovative models in many options from 14,1-17,3 inches
  • Amendments to the application model
  • Choice of 4 colors from one type
  • The latest thin and unique design
  • The latest models that meet all consumer requirements at once


Exclusive notebook brand

DERE is a consumer electronic comprehensive hi-tech company established in 2009 and based in China ShenZhen. We always hold the philosophy of "Higher Quality & More Cost-effective" to produce high performance laptops for customers. Dere is an innovative enterprise that integrates the operation modes of R&D, production, brand operation and sales. We use our own technical strength and channel advantages to create a variety of novel, stable and reliable digital products. The six modules of structure, software, hardware, engineering and quality are integrated into one, and the whole process from project establishment to completion of design is completed independently, and the rapid transformation of scientific research results is realized. We provide high-quality personalized products for users around the world. Dere has gathered top talent from around the world representing multiple cultures, beliefs, and perspectives that all help us create the best products. With our philosophy of higher quality & more cost-effectiveness, we have perfected the art of combining the best digital electronics with the ultimate user experience, and we have helped deliver this intelligent technology to millions of customers. In 2019, DERE's star products R9 Pro model laptop sales exceeded 300,000 units, winning the recognition of customers and a high product reputation. From 2020, DERE entered the Southeast Asian market, became the TOP1 seller of Chinese laptop brands in the Philippines.


Mobile Accessories brand

FONENG has been in the mobile accessories & consumer electronics industry for about 10 years. Our vision and mission is to provide the world with high-quality and innovative products. FONENG Categories are power banks, TWS earbuds, bluetooth speakers, USB chargers, USB cables, car chargers, car phone holders, etc. We have more than 300 employees. Our headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China. We also have an office and a showroom in Guangzhou. With a monthly capacity of 550,000 units, our factory in Dongguan supplies to the importers, distributors, wholesalers in time.

Features of Foneng brand:

  • Trusted by more than 10,000 clients
  • Cheap price
  • Quality assurance
  • The best customer service center
  • International trade rights and intellectual property patents

Features of Redmagic:

  • Opportunity to study at the lowest cost through government and all other types of scholarships
  • Proficiency in Chinese and related satellite languages ​​as a native language
  • Opportunity to study Guangzhou University programs from anywhere in the world

Guangzhou Institute LLC

Business Administration Training Academy, Chinese language training brokerage

Guangzhou's Ehlel LLC / 广州 市 俄 贺 乐 / ​​is wholly owned by Ehlel Brand LLC of Mongolia and is a subsidiary of Ehlel Brand LLC of Mongolia. The main goal of Ehlel in Guangzhou is to sell Ehlel brand products worldwide using the Alibaba platform, and as a company, it has signed an internal supplier agreement with Alibaba Group. In 2019, the Guangzhou Institute was established in cooperation with Guangzhou University to import Asian-style knowledge of marketing, management, business administration and human resources internationally.

Ehlel Bridge LLC

International scholarships agency

Ehlel Bridge International Education Mediation Center has entered into formal agreements with universities and colleges in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Austria, and Japan from 2019. The purpose of the program is to provide internationally recognized knowledge, education, experience and skills such as bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. We are also working with Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, China and Russia to open branches in every corner of the globe.

Features of the start bridge:

  • Opportunity to study at international universities
  • Formal cooperation agreements with international schools
  • Professional and reliable team
  • Innovative and best training program in one place

System Amjilt 2.0 system

Integrated School system-Perfect administration for school management

Over the past 5 years, our team has developed the Amjilt 2.0 Schools online program, which has been successfully implemented in 108 local public and private schools. Currently, the number of system users is over 120,000. The Amjilt system can be used by school administrators, teachers, students and parents to participate in and monitor all activities. We plan to launch Amjilt 3.0 in the first quarter of 2022. The Comprehensive School System- Amjilt 3.0 is a continuation of the Amjilt 2.0 system and is a level of development system based on 3 years of practical experience, a baseline study of 120 school learning activities, an analysis of 1,800 teachers daily work, and learning process and outcome analysis of 73,600 students.

Features of the Amjilt system:

Amjilt 3.0 version is hosted on an AWS server and is available in 10 basic languages. Each module is being developed as a management microservice with different skills. The advantage of the cloud system is the flexibility to use it regardless of the location of the device.

We will introduce the system in 5,000 secondary schools in the 2022-2023 academic year. We have also signed an agreement to introduce it to 1,200 schools in Kazakhstan.

We consider the effectiveness of this project to be of strategic importance, such as improving the management of schools, creating a system for connecting and exchanging experiences with other schools around the world, and systematizing teacher communication, rather than just the company's sales revenue.

Features of Tatatunga program:

  • Cloud-based, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Very simple and easy to understand module
  • Easy to use and flexible function
  • Each employee can log in to their account to track all information and monitor work plans and performance.
  • Regular changes, development and maintenance ERP system

Integrated organizational system-Systemize your organizational functions

Tatatunga is a cloud-based system with a database that integrates all the activities of the organization. Our system includes many systems such as human resources, warehousing, sales, ordering, purchasing, and customer management, all of which can be used in a single account with more than 500 people, 10 or more branches, and several subsidiaries. The Tatatunga system allows all employees to work on the system according to their job functions and work only in their respective branches. In addition, the database is created and registered by each department, branch, and unit, and the employee can work on the unified information according to their right to perform in the system or only within their branch. This will allow the system to run its business operations in a more organized and efficient manner, such as finance, human resources, recruitment, and marketing. It is currently used by more than 200 companies and has sales of $ 130,000.

Amjilt Аnimation Studio

3D animated cartoon project and content creation

“Amjilt Animation” LLC made its first 3D animated cartoon called “Mora”. In 2019 launched the 100-episode 3D animated series “Zuuzuu’s friends” to give young children an understanding of healthy eating, good habits, greetings, respect, national morals, and consciousness through the events of the main characters with fun little animals. Since the introduction of the first 20 series, it has become a favorite content for children to watch, and our success has been continuing. A clear example of its intention to enter the international market is its cooperation with TV stations of Kazakhstan and its agreement to launch branded by-products and Zuuzuu applications. According to the study, the number of potential viewers in the above-mentioned country has exceeded 620,000. According to our 5-year financial forecast, between 2022 and 2023, we will be able to earn $ 114,285 from sales of the first 20 series and $ 500,000 from sales of related by-products. In addition to content, we sell Zuuzuu by-products to the market. Moreover, after six months of research on children's thinking, information processing, and age, our team is developing a combination of the “ZUUZUU” smart tablet and the “ZUUZUU” children's APP to expand children's education and cognition.

Features of Amjilt Animation:

  • The “Zuuzuu’s friends” cartoon series is more suitable for preschoolers in terms of color, word choice, and instruction.
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Equipped with the latest high-performance computers, machinery and equipment